I see faces. Just faces.
     Sometimes I see a spark.
They get it.
     We fade like gentle lights…
 Into dim nights and journal entries.
      Here, read mine. They’re free.
So is love.
      I grasp for it about the universe.
Like butterfly’s in the wind;
      they flutter by.
And in the lash of a blink
     it’s ink, on a page; a body of work.
Time and money.
    The root of all freedom?
Evil is a funny thing you see.
    And now you don’t.
Everything is objectively subjective.
    Did we take the red or blue pill?
Alice? All is. All E’s
   My God they’ve gone and done it.
Eeeeeeeeeee. Do you hear it 2?
    High frequency crown chakra
Astral magnetic radiowaves of
All is Ha. The divine breath of a hola.
    A hello between amigos.
Thank you friend.

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