Two Souls

New York City twinkled in the distance its luminescent brilliance as its inhabitants the blood that flows through, the heart beat of the world. Sitting next to her. The same blood pumping the life through what is letting something happen that cannot be explained. The gentle touch of hands send sparks shooting through veins that radiate backward through axioms culminating in a gentle hue of an aqua blue and purple sea of sub consciousness. Orange flashes its fire, yellow flashes its eagerness- red flashes it’s warning and passion-green its calm anxiety. The prism reflects the light of the past present and future on the projector which is the mind controlling the body which houses the soul. Faces familiar and unfamiliar; smiles, laughs, cries, hugs, kisses, curses, blessings, birth, death, love, loss, light-all from the touch of a hand in the rejoining of souls. Sitting, holding, hands that transfer energy that can only be felt.
No music, no words, subtle infrequent glances burning with the question of an explanation with a certain comfort in the unknown. Wanting the moment to last forever and knowing it will, even if it won’t. For the way is clear that it has. Lao Tzu’s words echo with the reverberation in the key of ohm. He so gracefully had plucked them from time and space whilst tapped into the heartbeat of the universe, which now beats through two souls.
What is fate? What is mine, what is yours, what is ours? Not just of love, but of life and destiny. What is destiny? What is predetermined and what is woven? Our souls cry out for one, but our reality keeps us separate. Then is that our fate? Our destiny? Or must we fight peacefully to remain one in our separations.
Ultimately life is what you make of it. You can choose fear or you can face fear and conquer, fueled by fear and the motivation to not be afraid, and so we weave. 2B

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