Thank You <3


imageI just wanted to take the time out to thank all my fellow bloggers that have decided to follow my page ❤

I would ask a small favor if you could:

I am really trying to reach out to more readers. My friend Himani B.  A beautiful soul, reblogged one of my poems yesterday and I got a great response…so If you could, maybe reblog one of my pieces that you really enjoy… I will always try and return the favor.

Himani’s amazing poetry can be found at

❤ B ❤


2 thoughts on “Thank You <3

  1. You probably won’t get as many followers as Himani got you from other bloggers. But I have page where I collaborate with other poets. If you would like to collaborate it would probably get a few more people to follow your page. You could also write a small poem on a topic and then Ill follow it up with a short one of my own and call it a collaboration. haha. Whatever works right! Let me know if youre interested 🙂

    Wishing you all the best and loving your words!!!


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