Raw Thought Prayers

Art manipulates the mind…
Artists… Video’s…
Grabs you, holds you..
Fills you with hope.
Is it because we like it?
Do they want us to like it…
To truly be free.
Free to exist,
From thy shackles babylon,
Lord free my mind,
My heart and my soul.
So that i may understand
How to exist…
In a world wrought with
To be full?
A formless message.
A call for my heart and mind.
Stand firm in this ever changing
Rebirthing magnificence.
Radiance and love…
Hope i cling to you
The wetness my soul
That soaks deep into my bones
Like my ancestors who did
Before me.
In and out of discordance…
Twin souls trying to unify…
I pray for what is right…
Time and space…
Not bound…
Firm with mercy
Formless and Ever-formed.
Never Void,
Of fullness…
I pray…
Thank you.
With my love.
Grateful for the life
And wonder.
That is.

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