Daily Drift 5-26

It was a dream. It was a was a war. It is a spring breeze through the screen of the open window. Daydream into past times. Why? I’ll tell you why. I don’t know exactly… It’s the kind of thing that changes when you try to explain it.
Like Whenever you think you have something figured out. Often times you try to explain the concept, and even in line with your explanation, the words are somehow lost in translation.
A feather sits on the rug. Possibly an angel? A sign from the ancestors? Maybe it’s goose from a down jacket…duck duck, goose. You’re it. The one. Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent.
If a man sets out to do everything, he accomplishes nothing. So then…What? Accomplish a job. A way to make income? Something you know is the same means to continue with this charade until the end? This babylon we have created.
The desire to praise the One and Only and work the land with love in accordance with nature. To listen to the song. Although nature is harsh and unforgiving. It is forever. Cyclical. Human nature, animal nature, definitionally I guess, nature is anything that exists.
So, where do we exist? What is this? What is truth? Absolute truth. We live in a world based on uncertainty… All in unison we exist, yet so divided in ideas and beliefs… Are they really that divided?
Ahhh babylon. Where language was divided. Language isn’t just words, but a means of communication. Numbers and letters formulate ideas that are communicable. Babylon is the dis-communication of ideas. The soul’s eyes that are unspeakable; often get lost in translation.
How to convey the works of the Almighty witnessed by your soul. In action of being. Which make the task the most difficult imaginable. In a world full of discord.