Divine Prayer

Masquerading tongues,
Conceal real truths.
Real fruits.
Plucking words from the vibes.
And serving them.
A king serves his flock…
Yet ever bound to truth and justice..
To quarrel thus hearts of man to find…
What shall ye find amidst the waters of thy kingdom.
To search for the Holy in thou own reflection.
Thine own reflection is thee, splendor of thy kingdom.
A myriad of creation.
Yours, i feel it, as truth.
Yet test men… In thine own heart
I clamor to chime your truths
To echo vibrations of understanding
And love.
Yet so, you test men…
Ever vacant our cries
For thou, Holy of Thy Breath.
We seek to find you, yet…
We find only our own sin and iniquity.
And visions of judgement and days…
Prophecies, books of them, in your name…
Man doth wrestle…to find your truth, your light, inside.
Above we focus our gaze, and pray to you, with wonder.
Some for riches, for fame, for family and some for the unknown
An answer in hearts of men that
Cannot be defined.
To walk in Your ways, the way
Of righteousness…
Lost am I in a sea of
Ravenous tides,
Rippling across yet fading
When i cling to you.
Lost are we from your ways,
The last cry for your creation
Does need your love.
Turn not away from all your tribes.
We suffer in exile.
Return fully to us.
Bring back miracle and wonder.
Forsake us naught.
Bend your light with love and grace.
Come back to this humble place.
Vacant have we become,
Our souls call for you,
Yet our lips….
Are reminders of vanity and
Yet even as I want for your divine
Release these evils from our hearts and minds.
Bind our hearts with love and wisdom.
The wisdom to remember…
Remember your way as the only
Without question,
Free of heart and mind.
Allowing your divine love
As guidance for all.
Bless us,
We cry out for love and truth and light.
To know peace in our hearts
As only you can bring.
Return to us.
Your divine presence.

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