Always,Forever, Infinitely

IMG_0693And even if it takes forever. In forever and a day, will my soul be free… and you will know that I no longer long for your caress… cheeks pressed.
Only your cheek was home…
This gypsy astronaut in this human meat suit… you can see it all… there is no fear but fear itself…
And when you reach there, you will know it in all of its harmonious splendor,
Maybe I’ll meet you there… yeah, there.
It shall be a good place for us to reunite and kiss cheeks like long forgotten acquaintances….
And I will know your cheek… and at what frequency your energy vibrates at.
And we will collide once again, like lost Ripples under moonbeams.
Like the distant green flashing light… they are many, but they mean only one thing….
And forever parches the lips of the wettest rivers of thought to be whispered like the gentle downstream current… like the rustle of the autumn breeze…shhhhh… open your window and listen…
The earth is speaking sweet nothings as the fire dances, in her eyes.
Your eyes, maybe…
Maybe is such a fine word. It’s ok.
And just like that into infinite darkness…like late October and the thin veil between worlds.
You can touch the other side it’s so close….
In fact it’s the reflection staring us dead in the face.
Mad… quite the contrary my dear. Madness is the inability of the rest of humanity to see what has driven one Mad…
Absolute truth is a hard pill to swallow and
If you want to have an insane-off…
I’m game.
Santa Maria, mother… giver of life…
Not Mary but Miriam. Miriam Migdol of Galilee.. on the Sea, the coastline where as Migdol means tall edifice, in which case it was a lighthouse, Miriam from the light house on the Sea of Galilee…
Guiding in the ships in the night…. the light house -mother of the light bearer- whom some may call the morning star….
Yet two faces are one in the same….
And the accuser becomes the accused… Good and Evil…yet, lines never so blurred…. What is God? Where is he?
I see him.. or her… around… under the morning sunshine…. evening constitutional… and I breath the air in, fresh on my lungs, nostrils too… and Then, and only then I know… I am a man.
And God is gently guiding me home…
I Love You
With all my heart and soul, In ways you may never know.
Always forever infinitely