Just B Poetry

I heard a whisper.

   Remind me what heaven is.
 Two bodies pressed together
   like lost continents
pulled apart by time and gravity.

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Silent Prayers

What is a Mystic?
Travels on roads unkown?
But knows,
God knows all.
We are but one,
In our separation.
We struggle…
We submit,
To Praise Yah.
And know that…
Knowledge gained
is knowledge lost…
Wisdom is knowing that…
Faith is the only known.
I whisper
The Lord’s name
In my mind.
Whatever your sweet name may be,
And beg for Mercy with love
If mispronounced, i uttered your
We need you down here…
I need you in…
Hear my heart,
You fashioned it
You must know.

Extra Sensory

Mental Telepathy.
We exist in each-other.
Born from the same mother.
Find me inside you.
Hearts speak one language.
Reflected echo.
Brilliant understanding.
Intimate thoughts,
So close,
So fearful.
Let go?
We stay guarded.
Bombarded images
Love remains.
Real love.

Hold On

If i never get to say goodbye,
Know i loved you so.
The warmest rays of sunshine days.
To frigid hearts, so cold.
Sometimes hope is not enough,
To watch a flower grow.
I pray to God to end this pain,
Alas, it ever flows.
Like pouring rain
From thunderstorms,
The sweet glow of the moon.
Time is here, all is now,
Hush my baby, soon.
As Snowy days await the spring
Summer always goes.
Autumn leaves
Fall from the trees,
And scatter through my soul.
It’s Never good-bye,
Just so long,
So long, you’ll never know.
A longing that i long to leave.
Faith won’t let me go.

Can’t Wait To Wake Up (2004)

Can’t Wait to wake up,
to warm shades of Blue.
Visions are sweet,
with smiles from you.
Skies can’t be brighter,
the Sun warms our souls.
I’ve seen it before,
it exists this I know.
Cant Wait to wake up,
out of this dream.
To warm sunny places
where things seem serene.
Can’t wait to wake up
when all this is through.
Can’t wait to wake up, right beside you.

Falling In Love

Falling in love
is like catching a falling leaf.
You can’t run after each leaf,
and try to grab it.
You must be in the right
spot at the right time,
and it will drop into your hand.
Don’t squeeze too tight,
for you may crush it.
Don’t hold it too loosely,
for you may let it go.
You must cradle it.
Always conscious of it’s presence.

Find Us

Try to sleep.
But I know I’m dreaming.
Waking Consciousness.
I strive to find you in me.
I Tried to find G-d.
G-d finds you.
You will find it all.
Did you find yourself?
On this electrical maze of confusion.
This eclectic delusion.
Searching for G-d.
Searching for self.
Scared what I’ll find.
Comforted the glue that binds my
Soul is love.
Soul mate?
Do souls mate?
And let me know.
For if we’d have met,
Once upon a memory.
Remember me?
Raw energy.
Only knowing,
We are tethered.
Weathered and worn…
These hours pass by
pass by….
Past lives?
A glass eye to them.
A last cry for them.
I am here, it is now.
A waking dream
faith, fate?
Woven fabric
Of matter.
What does it matter?
Do souls mate?
This waking dream…
In between somewhere
And forever.

Inner Peace

Where religion and spirituality merge into inner peace.
Where there is solace in confusion.
Inner peace… Inside my mind.
No design of place or time.
Heart beating love.
Removing fear and doubt.
Pointing out our togetherness in
Feeling alone.
Inner peace.
Come to me.