Falling In Love

Falling in love
is like catching a falling leaf.
You can’t run after each leaf,
and try to grab it.
You must be in the right
spot at the right time,
and it will drop into your hand.
Don’t squeeze too tight,
for you may crush it.
Don’t hold it too loosely,
for you may let it go.
You must cradle it.
Always conscious of it’s presence.

Find Us

Try to sleep.
But I know I’m dreaming.
Waking Consciousness.
I strive to find you in me.
I Tried to find G-d.
G-d finds you.
You will find it all.
Did you find yourself?
On this electrical maze of confusion.
This eclectic delusion.
Searching for G-d.
Searching for self.
Scared what I’ll find.
Comforted the glue that binds my
Soul is love.
Soul mate?
Do souls mate?
And let me know.
For if we’d have met,
Once upon a memory.
Remember me?
Raw energy.
Only knowing,
We are tethered.
Weathered and worn…
These hours pass by
pass by….
Past lives?
A glass eye to them.
A last cry for them.
I am here, it is now.
A waking dream
faith, fate?
Woven fabric
Of matter.
What does it matter?
Do souls mate?
This waking dream…
In between somewhere
And forever.

Forever Never More

Ever never more,
Rustling wind..
Soul branches sway droplets.
Back to childhood memories.
Sirens in the distance.
Fresh buzz…
Choking on truth.
Cracked window.
Soft breeze.
Take me away
To a memory so faintly
Like Japanese ideas of imperfection
and suffering.


Summer Night Sky

imageSandy Beaches,
Starry nights.
Summer Breeze
Pale moon light.
crashing waves,
Gentle buzz.
Looking to the sky Above.
what is love?
where is hope?
who Am I?
How will I know?
why in the world
are we all here,
As Days Go by,
which become the years.
That make the time,
which Bring the tears.
And lets the fears
leave your soul
to someone that you want to hold.

Apologetic Rainbows

Gold As the sun
We Marched to the Moon.
Tasting the Cosmos.
We Listened to light. . .
Leonardo of Vinci
Hear the cosmos?
The sound of Butterflies in flight
Flagellumless Motion.
Energy is Neither destroyed Nor transferred, only created.
Feel me?
The Rushing waters of truth
Tainted is the clarity.
I Jumped off the edge of the universe
Where is B going?
We will dance with the stars
Apologetic Rainbows.
I propose we End from the start.
Ti panemayesh?
The birth of a Rock.
We touched the sun.                        2B



  The Sound of the Heartbeats
with Love. As Ava is recognized.
A gift of buddhas jade foot, Green
4, the heart,
An elephant as I entered the Room
handed to me with knowledge.
Her cardboard boat to sail the
ocean of love, wheel of karma
broken, or broke free…
   called Me ret with no B.
Just b I say to me…
why I no B?
U Must B the B, and
pollinate the knowledge
To sail the sea,
you see? eyes see.


A dream in the Mind


Unconscious mind, awake the dream
Somewhere in between my third eye and forever.
3rd rock from the truth, we are all but atoms
In the bubble time.
A fleeting thought in the mind of the creator.
Our spirits eternal
Like the divine light of brilliance that shimmers
Awake the dream, Oh great one,
Return your being
To gardens kissed of your radiance.
Bring us to complete unity