A Jew, A Muslim, A Christian
Walk into a market, They exchange smiles.
A Man walks into a church, and kills many.
A Man Creates a gust of energy and Kills so Many More.
Two Men Kill Tens of Millions.
Men arrive upon a shore.
Convert or Die.
The Women Cry,
Their children lie
Bloodied in the street.
Somewhere in a jungle
A lonely farmer sweeps.
Machine gun fire pierces silence
Sparks into the night
Reclining in a comfy seat watching it go by.
Another beer
Another tear,
shed for those not here.
Those who would have
those who could have
nothing’s ever clear.
A Man sits paralyzed
by the vastness of this mess
seeing things- wanting things
He knows he can’t express.
Everyone thinks they know
What They call G-D is True
The question is, What does G-D want
From Men Like Me and You.



I stare at my maker,
And wonder how to make her.
Down the kaleidoscope of perception
Perfection, untainted.
Sacred geometry of love blossoms
Into infinite petals.
We press the keys to make music
Ivory tusks of Shiva’s lovechild.
Ram Ram, we call out.
The wind answers in tongues
From the mouth of celestial rivers
Come the droplets
Full circle, squared.