The Wave

Pensiveness drowns the evening
In a shimmered sea of reflection
Don’t fall in.
Stay afloat-
and basque
In the light of the
Hallowed moon.
Never soon these yearnings
Frost bitten senses
Give way – true self
Merge in union.
Consumed in desire
Flash fires of trepidation
Serve only as markers of faith
Free will Leaves us-
Free to decide…
Who of Man
Truly knows the heart of G-D.
‘Tis you?
‘Tis’ me?
Sages, Prophets, Sinners…
Downtrodden or Blessed?
I breath in the pensive evening.
And know
I am alive

Crestfallen Rain

Casting shadows
These love-soaked eyes
Ramble on pages
Unscathed by furious hearts
Amidst tumultuous tides
Tied threads
Golden sinew
Non terrestrial truths
Tooth, nail
We fought
Emotional diaspora
Untraveled terrain
Seeking solace
Quiet truths
Enamel coated
The day is long
To rise

Surrender I

I reach out to touch… Empty hands this broken inside…
Ever too familiar the fake smile that is true..
Which covers the pain of
Feeling alone… In a world full of others’ dreams… Of my own…
If i could run to the furthest ends of the cosmos, i’d find… It is still… Just me…
Glimpses and sparks of this love so true…
Which my heart has only fashioned as an idea…
To ward off this cold reality..
We are born alone…
But our love lives together
Somewhere with twisted insides..
These knots tie me up
And bind me to physicality
While knowing the infinite spirit..
Like the soft whisper of the wind…
I drink your words..
Till i hangover the edge.
Wanting to jump into the obscure darkness..
To be the light that
Reflects the love…
To a willing vessel…
I am finding myself
Fall deeper into this
Unknown abyss
Which is all too familiar.
Lost little boy…
Where is your home…
Where the heart is…
Broken and
Scattered throughout the ether as twinkling reminders
In the evening sky…
These star crossed beings…
Collide as particles to create a vacuum of dark matter consuming all light
Is where my love remains…
I will search those footprints…
To follow them into the abyss..
I will pick the papers up and chase them into the blowing wind as the pages
Of my own soul…
Lost… And found as i look into eyes reflecting an eternity of searching for the glue that will bind
My souls essence.
I am falling deeply…
And terrified of impact…
This tumultuous river of
To the essence of your embrace
Enveloping the totality of
This sweet torture….
To your city streets…
The twinkling stardust
On familiar islands…
The skyline in my eyes is a reflection of your majesty…
A masterpiece of enigmatic beauty…
I surrender
I surrender
I have fallen…
And this fear
That envelops my being
Will only be quenched
By the rains that feed the desert flower
I Love you
And I am terrified.
I surrender

Elusive Enigma

What just happened?
Enigmas and anomalies.
How does she know…?
As if she peered into the
Never-ending depths
Of source consciousness
And saw my existence in a nutshell.
Outer shell…
Inner soul.
Left hanging on words…
No ideas.
Surging source energy
Searching for answers
In an unfamiliar sea
Of elusive waters.
Be still….
Be silent…
I hear your lips
They whisper
As i drift back.
To a still frame
Of beauty.
My mind will race
As my heart
Stirs from slumber
To distant places
Yet undiscovered.

October Sometime

Holy echo.
Mind silence.
Piercing darkness.
Frequently feeling
Euphorically vacant
This Hell Maze…
These things
We do not speak of.
The deep darkness…
Shrouds the misty eyed
Evenings and winds blow.
But love…
A spark….
From thy darkest of depths?
Unity, if all is one?
I grasp hope.
Like a lost child
in an elevator….
Going up.
To my mind through my heart.
Nestled deep inside,
Not even I,
Know what it is truly made of.

2:22 AM

To the inner light.
What is it whispering?
Source love truth.
Mind boggled.
Synchronicity staring me down
Like aliens and Nefilim
Visited by
Just being.
Just seeing.
What to believe.
Heart of heart.
King of Kings.
Beneath our souls
Beats as one vibe of…
Harmonic frequencies
Dancing in the moonlight.
Under distant Stars…
Sirius B.
Seven Sisters
What are you of?
Pulsing through universe.

Divine Prayer

Masquerading tongues,
Conceal real truths.
Real fruits.
Plucking words from the vibes.
And serving them.
A king serves his flock…
Yet ever bound to truth and justice..
To quarrel thus hearts of man to find…
What shall ye find amidst the waters of thy kingdom.
To search for the Holy in thou own reflection.
Thine own reflection is thee, splendor of thy kingdom.
A myriad of creation.
Yours, i feel it, as truth.
Yet test men… In thine own heart
I clamor to chime your truths
To echo vibrations of understanding
And love.
Yet so, you test men…
Ever vacant our cries
For thou, Holy of Thy Breath.
We seek to find you, yet…
We find only our own sin and iniquity.
And visions of judgement and days…
Prophecies, books of them, in your name…
Man doth wrestle…to find your truth, your light, inside.
Above we focus our gaze, and pray to you, with wonder.
Some for riches, for fame, for family and some for the unknown
An answer in hearts of men that
Cannot be defined.
To walk in Your ways, the way
Of righteousness…
Lost am I in a sea of
Ravenous tides,
Rippling across yet fading
When i cling to you.
Lost are we from your ways,
The last cry for your creation
Does need your love.
Turn not away from all your tribes.
We suffer in exile.
Return fully to us.
Bring back miracle and wonder.
Forsake us naught.
Bend your light with love and grace.
Come back to this humble place.
Vacant have we become,
Our souls call for you,
Yet our lips….
Are reminders of vanity and
Yet even as I want for your divine
Release these evils from our hearts and minds.
Bind our hearts with love and wisdom.
The wisdom to remember…
Remember your way as the only
Without question,
Free of heart and mind.
Allowing your divine love
As guidance for all.
Bless us,
We cry out for love and truth and light.
To know peace in our hearts
As only you can bring.
Return to us.
Your divine presence.

Silent Prayers

What is a Mystic?
Travels on roads unkown?
But knows,
God knows all.
We are but one,
In our separation.
We struggle…
We submit,
To Praise Yah.
And know that…
Knowledge gained
is knowledge lost…
Wisdom is knowing that…
Faith is the only known.
I whisper
The Lord’s name
In my mind.
Whatever your sweet name may be,
And beg for Mercy with love
If mispronounced, i uttered your
We need you down here…
I need you in…
Hear my heart,
You fashioned it
You must know.

Extra Sensory

Mental Telepathy.
We exist in each-other.
Born from the same mother.
Find me inside you.
Hearts speak one language.
Reflected echo.
Brilliant understanding.
Intimate thoughts,
So close,
So fearful.
Let go?
We stay guarded.
Bombarded images
Love remains.
Real love.


A Jew, A Muslim, A Christian
Walk into a market, They exchange smiles.
A Man walks into a church, and kills many.
A Man Creates a gust of energy and Kills so Many More.
Two Men Kill Tens of Millions.
Men arrive upon a shore.
Convert or Die.
The Women Cry,
Their children lie
Bloodied in the street.
Somewhere in a jungle
A lonely farmer sweeps.
Machine gun fire pierces silence
Sparks into the night
Reclining in a comfy seat watching it go by.
Another beer
Another tear,
shed for those not here.
Those who would have
those who could have
nothing’s ever clear.
A Man sits paralyzed
by the vastness of this mess
seeing things- wanting things
He knows he can’t express.
Everyone thinks they know
What They call G-D is True
The question is, What does G-D want
From Men Like Me and You.