La Candela del Suenos el Fuego del sol

imageElla cual esta pegada a mi alma
La Luna de mi corazon
Abrazo de fuerza
Movemiento de la cinturas
Del cosmos
Me trae la verdad
Cuando clamo
Por la Amor
De la vida
Con el cancion
De tu cuerpo
Penetrando mis labios
Como las estrellas
Se besan el cielo


She is stuck to my soul
The moon of my heart
A forceful Embrace
Movement of the hips
Of the cosmos
She brings me truth
When i cry out
For love
Of life
With the song
Of your body
Penetrating my lips
Like(how) the stars
Kiss the sky.



Thirst Omnipotent


Treacherous hours lay I lacking
Sustenance My soul requires
Fruitful touch instead retracting
Only Fuel For cupid’s Fires.
To touch A Vision
Blind passions thirst
omnipotent hands Mold precision
Fashioned likeness from thy earth
Too soon we did eat from the tree
unripened vine Bitter truth
quickly did depart from me
Alone in knowledge solitude.
Life’s Magic prayers go not in vain
Awaken dream my heart again.