Summer Night Sky

imageSandy Beaches,
Starry nights.
Summer Breeze
Pale moon light.
crashing waves,
Gentle buzz.
Looking to the sky Above.
what is love?
where is hope?
who Am I?
How will I know?
why in the world
are we all here,
As Days Go by,
which become the years.
That make the time,
which Bring the tears.
And lets the fears
leave your soul
to someone that you want to hold.

Thirst Omnipotent


Treacherous hours lay I lacking
Sustenance My soul requires
Fruitful touch instead retracting
Only Fuel For cupid’s Fires.
To touch A Vision
Blind passions thirst
omnipotent hands Mold precision
Fashioned likeness from thy earth
Too soon we did eat from the tree
unripened vine Bitter truth
quickly did depart from me
Alone in knowledge solitude.
Life’s Magic prayers go not in vain
Awaken dream my heart again.