Keep it….

imageI stare at empty spaces
Empty places in the mind.
Reverberating Deafening Silence
Mental Violence
Ultra Violet U-V Rays
Intangible tangled web
I made my bed
I still can’t sleep.
I still can’t keep it…
Together.      2B

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Thank You <3

Thank You <3

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Forever Never More

Ever never more,
Rustling wind..
Soul branches sway droplets.
Back to childhood memories.
Sirens in the distance.
Fresh buzz…
Choking on truth.
Cracked window.
Soft breeze.
Take me away
To a memory so faintly
Like Japanese ideas of imperfection
and suffering.


And so we Weave

imageLonely leaf, where do you drift?
Beg you stay, you always leave-
By the hands of Nature shift
Thread of life and so we weave.
Hang Me up upon The Rack
Light Me up-last cigarette
Love, My heart it does attack
The words themselves of Don’t forget.
Hours left the Day is Slight
Wasted on Decisions loathed
Hold around My Soul is tight
underneath My skin is clothed.
Thickens As we see the plot
A space, A place for us, A lot.      2B

La Candela del Suenos el Fuego del sol

imageElla cual esta pegada a mi alma
La Luna de mi corazon
Abrazo de fuerza
Movemiento de la cinturas
Del cosmos
Me trae la verdad
Cuando clamo
Por la Amor
De la vida
Con el cancion
De tu cuerpo
Penetrando mis labios
Como las estrellas
Se besan el cielo


She is stuck to my soul
The moon of my heart
A forceful Embrace
Movement of the hips
Of the cosmos
She brings me truth
When i cry out
For love
Of life
With the song
Of your body
Penetrating my lips
Like(how) the stars
Kiss the sky.


Summer Night Sky

imageSandy Beaches,
Starry nights.
Summer Breeze
Pale moon light.
crashing waves,
Gentle buzz.
Looking to the sky Above.
what is love?
where is hope?
who Am I?
How will I know?
why in the world
are we all here,
As Days Go by,
which become the years.
That make the time,
which Bring the tears.
And lets the fears
leave your soul
to someone that you want to hold.

“50” is Not a Word ;)


Just 50…

How to crack open

And explore a soul?

So little room for error.

Like the margins of life.

I write my heart on pages

Torn from notebooks.

Pages in the wind

Leaves in the breeze

Sands of time.

Flow like the rushing

Of things that are

Thicker than water.