Raw Thought Prayers

Art manipulates the mind…
Artists… Video’s…
Grabs you, holds you..
Fills you with hope.
Is it because we like it?
Do they want us to like it…
To truly be free.
Free to exist,
From thy shackles babylon,
Lord free my mind,
My heart and my soul.
So that i may understand
How to exist…
In a world wrought with
To be full?
A formless message.
A call for my heart and mind.
Stand firm in this ever changing
Rebirthing magnificence.
Radiance and love…
Hope i cling to you
The wetness my soul
That soaks deep into my bones
Like my ancestors who did
Before me.
In and out of discordance…
Twin souls trying to unify…
I pray for what is right…
Time and space…
Not bound…
Firm with mercy
Formless and Ever-formed.
Never Void,
Of fullness…
I pray…
Thank you.
With my love.
Grateful for the life
And wonder.
That is.

Having Now


The Mind
Inside Mine
The collective reflecting
Shattered neon city lights.
Dotted like reminders of heaven
Where none shine.
Scattered sheets
You know you want to.
Just do it.
Stop bullshitting yourself.
Life is short
Time flies when your having

And so we Weave

imageLonely leaf, where do you drift?
Beg you stay, you always leave-
By the hands of Nature shift
Thread of life and so we weave.
Hang Me up upon The Rack
Light Me up-last cigarette
Love, My heart it does attack
The words themselves of Donโ€™t forget.
Hours left the Day is Slight
Wasted on Decisions loathed
Hold around My Soul is tight
underneath My skin is clothed.
Thickens As we see the plot
A space, A place for us, A lot. ย  ย  ย 2B

A Day’s Thoughts October ’10

imageSunshines through windows.
No, wait… sun shines through windows.
waiting for the sun to shine through to the window of my soul.
wait, no… waiting for the sun to shine through to the window of
my heart.
My Brain is Mush.
My throat is lumps.
I swallow.
My stomach is knots
My heart hurts.
My, My , My,
so sellfish, why?
Blue sky, silver dollars.
silver lining to storm clouds?
Not Blue skies.
More like grey. gray?
Gray is used in England,
They probably know best…
They invented the language, English that is.
And they have gray skies more
than we have grey skies.
still…sunshines through windows.
wait, sun shines through windows. -Bret

Life, Monotonous life.
Sometimes, Something, Somewhere happens.
You know it won’t last forever…
But still, you grasp on.
you still grasp on.
you can’t let go.
Let go.
It’s over.
Listen to your Mind.
When is your heart ever Right…?
You fight…you Lose.
you win.
The Balance must end Positively…
Physics agrees.
Fuck physics, Fuck Math, Fuck science.
What about Love?

I stand under Golden leaved Trees.
They Hang on to shades of green.
Plum, crimson, orange-burnt.
They hang onto branches…
Fluttering, Floating, Falling.
Autumn smells.
Time tells all.
We all tell time.
Hurry up!
Slow Down.
Which is it.
exquisite nature
Blows warm Breezes
Through Blades of Grassy Hills.
Sun; spills Rays about Gently
They dance.

Today the 30th (’09/’11)

imageRemember when life was so simple
The smile a child so bright.
No Fear of living a burden
No fear of what’s wrong and what’s right.
The Plight
Your own expectations
of those around you
of G-D.
To show what’s inside your heart
To know it’s all a facade.
All of us know that it’s close
What- we don’t know what it is,
somewhere over the rainbow
a place where we can be kids.
So Why does life push so hard
to struggle for meaning a gift
to know that it lives deep inside
so why are the walls closing in?
To know That the skies limit endless
to wake up and not see the change
trying to search for redemption
Wisdom the blindness of age.
Remember when things were so simple
The only thing mattered was love..
I pray for the day things are simple
When we can all live with light from above.

Sanjaya 7/12

imageI try and touch your whisper
escapes my grasp
I run to the place where we meet
to find myself alone in the sunshine
holding my heart in my teeth.
I eat memories’ nostalgia
like childhood windowpanes and thunderstorms.
I strive to the infinite dead end,
but choke on love.
Bloodied in battle I seek my spoils
who is the victor?

Anahata 12/10

imageDeep Conflicted Demons
cloudy Anahata
Drift up in whisps of smoke
I choke, I struggle, I fall.
I See all
I see nothing.
Hope I see
For you
For Me
Run, Rabbit Run.
sink Hole.
Titanic proportions
Elevated Thoughts
Grounding Realities.
Unspeakable truths
Uttering lies.
Scared to live
AFraid to Die
Ready to Go home.

pt II

Where is home?
I see A place
where time and space
are interlaced.
Universes interwoven
Holograph Rainbow explosions
Movement stops
Vibration feels.
Somewhere over karmic wheels.
Tones of love
exist in light
An exit from this earthly plight
why do we fight, why do we steal
observing life like Movie reels
our sole purpose to pay the bills
our souls purpose is wanting still…
Waiting, wading
Seas of love…
Over, under, up above
Down below, No direction
The Sol purpose.
an intersection…
Enlighten us.
By โ€Žื‘ืจื•ืš ื™ื”ื•ืฉื•ืขโ€Ž

Just B

Just ื‘

Call Out


I cry out,
He answers…
Every answer.
Strength, please guide me.
Lord God, he ate.
Knowledge of Both good and Evil.
Reality beckons it’s cold grasp.
Dreamstate, Thy kingdom to come.
I beg for your favor.
Misdeeds in the hearts of man.
Maze like riddle i climb to you.
To hold your gentle compassion.
Ease the folly of time, yet endless.
A loop created. A Mind.
Opened to other… Ether
Either we jump or fall…
Falling deeply..
Holding on.
Letting go.
We all as one.