Today the 30th (’09/’11)

imageRemember when life was so simple
The smile a child so bright.
No Fear of living a burden
No fear of what’s wrong and what’s right.
The Plight
Your own expectations
of those around you
of G-D.
To show what’s inside your heart
To know it’s all a facade.
All of us know that it’s close
What- we don’t know what it is,
somewhere over the rainbow
a place where we can be kids.
So Why does life push so hard
to struggle for meaning a gift
to know that it lives deep inside
so why are the walls closing in?
To know That the skies limit endless
to wake up and not see the change
trying to search for redemption
Wisdom the blindness of age.
Remember when things were so simple
The only thing mattered was love..
I pray for the day things are simple
When we can all live with light from above.

Soul Party


 The wind rustles sweet
     nothings window pane lonely room.
My old friend nostalgia of a time and
     place that may or may not have
     I speak between shadows and cast doubt
about the foot of hope
     and throw a party to pity myself.
Only i am invited.
     I bring nothing empty handed.
Eyes closed we dream.
     I feel a connection to the universe.
I am Alive.
     I am here.  It is now. The clock strikes out of
sight. Mind races.
     Rat races. Ten paces and keep
Running. Away from here so far.
     That i am back to square.
One Love. One life per body.
     One soul for eternity. Have we
     I haven’t touched you since
creation. Atoms dense expanding
     space. Matter of fact, or fiction.
You decide When it’s right or left.
     Standing here sitting. Nonetheless
is more.  Forever. Infinity. A loop
     we travel. And here we are. Back
again. So buttons.

God shall rescue us alas we shall see him my discarded bee of thy flower not lightly take channels for those eyes privy to the truths of the hearts of man.
Suffer not alone the plague sage walking treading lightly heavy hearted strings bound by heart.
Light of truth and justice for righteousness of soul belief of heavenly light in love and of spirit being.
Heal the awakened soul. For to sleep we are dreaming but illusions of one that our love cannot escape yet the woe of suffering ye wheel.
In all we see that is us.
We are I and me as one, but yet dreaming still the pain of suffering yet eludes the light.
And so it is again. Another. And why? Because it must be so. Be still. Find solace in solitudes’ moments of peace few and far between. Peace.