Falling In Love

Falling in love
is like catching a falling leaf.
You can’t run after each leaf,
and try to grab it.
You must be in the right
spot at the right time,
and it will drop into your hand.
Don’t squeeze too tight,
for you may crush it.
Don’t hold it too loosely,
for you may let it go.
You must cradle it.
Always conscious of it’s presence.


Blowing breezing consciousness
Two energies juxtaposed
Are but One.
There is nothing else.
Justice words give naught
To afternoons pondering our existence.
Speak wind softly the rustle.
Mild summer days.
Cool breeze afternoon showers.
Stormy Mondays.
Steeped in Just Being.
Synchronicity’s break time pieces
To the Deja Vu of dreamtime.
Ring bells.
Where from you chime to me.
From all around.
Another gusting leaf
Or floating feather
So properly placed.