Extra Sensory

Mental Telepathy.
We exist in each-other.
Born from the same mother.
Find me inside you.
Hearts speak one language.
Reflected echo.
Brilliant understanding.
Intimate thoughts,
So close,
So fearful.
Let go?
We stay guarded.
Bombarded images
Love remains.
Real love.

Anahata 12/10

imageDeep Conflicted Demons
cloudy Anahata
Drift up in whisps of smoke
I choke, I struggle, I fall.
I See all
I see nothing.
Hope I see
For you
For Me
Run, Rabbit Run.
sink Hole.
Titanic proportions
Elevated Thoughts
Grounding Realities.
Unspeakable truths
Uttering lies.
Scared to live
AFraid to Die
Ready to Go home.

pt II

Where is home?
I see A place
where time and space
are interlaced.
Universes interwoven
Holograph Rainbow explosions
Movement stops
Vibration feels.
Somewhere over karmic wheels.
Tones of love
exist in light
An exit from this earthly plight
why do we fight, why do we steal
observing life like Movie reels
our sole purpose to pay the bills
our souls purpose is wanting still…
Waiting, wading
Seas of love…
Over, under, up above
Down below, No direction
The Sol purpose.
an intersection…
Enlighten us.
By ‎ברוך יהושוע‎

Just B

Just ב