Soul Party


 The wind rustles sweet
     nothings window pane lonely room.
My old friend nostalgia of a time and
     place that may or may not have
     I speak between shadows and cast doubt
about the foot of hope
     and throw a party to pity myself.
Only i am invited.
     I bring nothing empty handed.
Eyes closed we dream.
     I feel a connection to the universe.
I am Alive.
     I am here.  It is now. The clock strikes out of
sight. Mind races.
     Rat races. Ten paces and keep
Running. Away from here so far.
     That i am back to square.
One Love. One life per body.
     One soul for eternity. Have we
     I haven’t touched you since
creation. Atoms dense expanding
     space. Matter of fact, or fiction.
You decide When it’s right or left.
     Standing here sitting. Nonetheless
is more.  Forever. Infinity. A loop
     we travel. And here we are. Back
again. So buttons.